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Search Tips

Title Search


  • To match an exact title, use quotes around the title. Example: “clear night wolves” will bring up only the items titled Clear Night Wolves.
  • For a list of all pieces that include a specific word in the title, enter the word. Example: clear will bring up all items with clear in the title or the description.
  • For a list of all items that include more than one word, enter each in the search with a space between them. Example: clear night wolves will bring up all items with the words clear, night and/or wolves in the title or description.



Artist Search


  • Use the Artist Directory link found on the Menu Bar.
  • Or, search by the Artist’s Name.



Using the Artist Directory


  • By default the Artist Directory shows “all artists”.
  • To refine the search by letter, click on the corresponding letter using the index at the top of the Artist Directory page. Example: To view all artists with a last name starting with the letter “D”, click on “D”. This will only show artists with last names starting with “D”.
  • Click on an artist’s name to view their collection.



Subject Search


  • Enter the subject word in the search.
  • Try not to be too specific. Example: if you are looking for an item with a blue house, try searching for house instead of blue house.
  • Or, use the Subject link found on the Menu Bar.



Additional Search Tips


  • The search is not case-sensitive. Example: you can search for Elephant or ELEPHANT, or elephant and you should receive the same results.
  • The Search does not recognize punctuation other than quotations. Example: you can search for clear night – wolves; clear night: wolves; or clear night, wolves and you should get the same results.
  • Try not to use plurals. Example: the search will find the word elephant if you do a search for the word elephant. However, if you search for elephants, the search may not recognize items with the word elephant without the plural ending.



Need More Help?


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