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Realistic painting is an attempt at illusion. Depth, form, space and air must be portrayed on a two-dimensional surface. The slightest change of angle creates a different apparent flat shape. In my painting, I want to convey an understanding of all of the planes in depth by manipulating the shapes and their tones. No picture such as a drawing or photograph is really adequate for reference. Therefore, I often use these pictures to create three-dimensional reference or sculpture. This not only gives me a better understanding but also allows me to see what happens in varying light conditions. I have been doing these sculptures in clay or Plasticine for many years. After I am finished using them for a given painting, the sculptures tend to be neglected and damaged or destroyed. Many people have suggested that I put my sculptures in more permanent form such as bronze so that others could see and enjoy them. The red-tailed hawk portrait shows the qualities of that particular species. He is alert and handsome but with a certain mildness in his generally fierce bird of prey look. The flat planes and concave and convex surfaces are exaggerated to help me express them more clearly in the painting. - Robert Bateman
Red-Tailed Hawk Study - Bronze
by: Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman - Red-Tailed Hawk Study - Bronze
  • Sculpture Bronze
  • Limited Edition
  • A/P
  • 10 1/2" High
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