Search Tips

Title Search

  • To match an exact title, simply enter the words in order. Example: clear night wolves will bring up Robert Bateman’s “Clear Night Wolves.”
  • For a list of all pieces that include a specific word in the title or description, enter the word. Example: clear will bring up all items with clear in the title or the description.
  • For a list of all items that include more than one word in the title or description, enter each word in the search with a space between them. Example: clear night will bring up all items with the words clear and night in the title or description.
  • To refine your search by a specific artist, change the artist’s name in the drop-down found to the left of the search from all to the artist’s name.

Artist Search

  • Use the Artist Directory link found on the Menu Bar, then select the artist.
  • Or, search by the artist’s name.

Using the Artist Directory

  • By default the Artist Directory shows “all artists”.
  • To refine the search by letter, click on the corresponding letter using the index at the top of the Artist Directory page. Example: To view all artists with a last name starting with the letter “D”, click on “D”. This will only show artists with last names starting with “D”.
  • Click on an artist’s name to view their collection.

Subject Search

  • Enter the subject word in the search.
  • Try not to be too specific. Example: if you are looking for an item with a blue house, try searching for house instead of blue house.
  • Or, use the Categories link found on the Menu Bar.

Additional Search Tips

  • The search is not case-sensitive. Example: you can search for Elephant or ELEPHANT, or elephant and you should receive the same results.
  • When searching, do not use punctuation such as a dash, period, question mark, colon or semi-colon, etc.
  • Do not use plurals. Example: the search will find the word elephant if you do a search for the word elephant. However, if you search for elephants, the search may exclude items with only elephant in the title, even if the item has multiple elephants in the scene.

Need More Help?

  • Our expert staff is eager to help you. Give us a call toll-free at 1-877-444-0777 or 1-440-354-7002. Or, email us at [email protected]

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